Events & Exhibitions


Crafting History – Manchester Craft and Design Centre – 14th July – 10th November 2012.

The exhibition forms a key part of the Centres 30th Anniversary celebrations and is part of a programme of events focused on collecting and sharing MCDCs story to date.

Crafting History showcases creative responses to the history of Manchester Craft & Design Centre. Artist Carys Davies produced a ceramic installation, uncovering the tales and memories of MCDC, donated during the Collecting History project by visitors, artists and friends. 26 resident makers from the Centre donated work to the exhibition responding to historical facts or stories from MCDC’s past.

Link to the Blog showing some lovely images about the history of the Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Statement for – 30 Scales Necklace – Auctioned at the 30th Aniversary event

This necklace was handmade as a record of how MCDC, and the makers within it, have helped Amy’s creative development during her time as a resident artist. Using a fishy theme in memory of the buildings fish market history, the 30 silver scales represents each year that the Centre has spent housing creative businesses. The single smoky quartz gem refers to MCDC’s reputation as being a ‘hidden gem’.

30 scales necklace





Flourish Ring – Kath Libbert Jewellery, 12th July – 30th Sept 2012.

Celebrating Sixteen Years at Salt Mill, 100 jewellers invited to design and make a ‘Flourish Ring’.

Statement for – Step Ring

I wanted this ring to commemorate my love of the mill and the time I spent working there. One of many cherished memories is the never ending stairs! The worn steps are a humbling reminder of the passage of time and incite envisions of the mill workers ascending beside me.  My current work is a play on shape and space. I’m interested in how a delicate outline drawing of a shape can have the appearance of greater mass and volume, and by layering, their shape and space is altered. I’ve made this ring with rectangles to create the steps in life (with some that flourish!), but also encourages the wearer to view the spaces between.