The Collections

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Current Collections

Abstract Butterfly Collection

The small silver pieces have been flattened, distorted, textured and soldered together to form clusters of abstract butterflies. The simple folded shapes and the textured surfaces play with light and shadow to create a fluttering effect when worn.


Baroque collection

Drawing shapes and patterns with wire, I like to produce linear and simplified shapes which create interesting voids of space. For this collection I’ve used essences of the baroque style that have interested me, such as the curves of lavish detail used in sculptures and the irregularity and imperfections associated with it.

silver double link baroque necklace

City Of Science Collection

Inspired by Manchester’s Science Festival, I have used Binary code in honour of Alan Turing, a founder of Computer Science and well known for deciphering the Enigma code used in the Second World War.

A rolling mill is used to flatten the silver into thin strips and to create the distorted, rippling texture. I wanted to use simple 1 inch cut sections to resemble the ribbon of tape used in Turing’s machine and to suit the spacing for the 8 ‘bits’ used for each letter in binary. A steel punch was used to stamp the zeros and ones, spelling out various words related to Computing, Scientist & Manchester.







Silver Clouds Collection

I wanted to make a collection with a positive outlook on life. So I’ve used the proverb ‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’ with the idea of evoking optimism and looking for the bright side.

The first step was drawing many different types of clouds! Flattened silver wire is then used to trace around the designs creating an outline of the the cloud shapes. The chain is then carefully positioned and soldered to balance them correctly and give a subtle movement.

I have enjoyed making the variety of sizes, from the very cute little earring clouds, to the larger more complex cumulus shapes that are gradually built up like a jigsaw puzzle. The designs evolve and grow as I add each segment.






‘Pebbles collection’

Based in Studio One in the Manchester Craft and Design Centre since 2008.

This collection of jewellery is constructed with a simple form to make complex and elegant structures. Using flattened silver wired to draw oval shapes, then layered and soldered together to form clusters of ‘Pebbles’ that appear to have naturally fallen together.

Pebble Cluster Necklace (Double Chain)







Rosebud Collection

Roses are perfectly suited to jewellery, being ancient symbols of love and beauty. These delicate paper roses are hand painted in a variety of bold colours. The enamel paint used is oil based which strengthens the paper and makes them waterproof. They are attached to a stem of silver which points the flower to its optimum viewing position, ensuring the rose is seen in its full bloom and showing off its flash of colour.






Exploring Wonderland

From reading Alice in Wonderland and being reminded of its surreal and obscure world, I decided to focus my inspiration on the hall of locked doors which Alice first discovers at the bottom of the rabbit hole.  Eventually she finds a tiny door that’s impossible for her to fit through and a tiny golden key.

The simple rectangular shapes layered hap hazard together represents the chaos and frustration of the many locked doors. Using hinges holds the links in place and creates a similar movement to doors. Finally the tiny door can be opened to reveal a mirror showing your reflection. Peering through the door, you can’t actually see all of your face, only the eye. With the book playing with scale and the changes in size, it’s almost mimicking the feeling of being too big to see.